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See how successful companies transform their facility & maintenance operations using CAFM, CMMS and EAM OLIFY solution.

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How can OLIFY improve your facility & maintenance operations?
Revolutionarily easy maintenance planning

Preventive maintenance

Add a new asset, assign its type and OLIFY will instantly suggest an optimal maintenance and inspection plan compliant with the regulations just for you. It can't get any easier.

Laws for mandatory inspections are complicated - let the system worry about them for you. Our system has an alway-up-to-date database of regulations. Compliance is guaranteed by our partner certification authority.

Streamlined workflow for maintenance teams

Work requests & orders

Report and resolve maintenance work requests with our mobile app, no matter where you are.

Simplify communication between requesters and maintenance teams and add pictures and comments and get notifications when requests are completed. Track spent time and costs.

Predictive maintenance

Monitoring for (I)IoT & SCADA

Connect your (I)IoT or SCADA devices and monitor temperature, humidity, speed or any other values from their sensors in real-time.

Record and evaluate sensor data history and predict future asset failures. Set-up triggers that will alert you or create work orders when reaching critical values.

Building floor plans & models

BIM models & CAD floor plans

Locate assets, building technologies and structural components using fully interactive 3D BIM models and auto-generated or imported 2D CAD floors plans.

Attach your assets to structured building models and view their detailed data from the imported IFC files.

Business intelligence for maintenance

Analyze & report

Track maintenance costs, automatically predict future budgets and calculate total costs of ownership for your assets during their entire lifetime.

Leverage maintenance metrics to reduce costs and maximize asset uptime. Evaluate technician productivity on work orders and SLA metrics on services delivered by your service providers.

Analyze & report
Discover more features
Asset management

Asset management

All assets, facilities and equipment at a glance. Asset inspections, compliance, warranties, documents, manuals and maintenance requests for any asset, always just a few clicks away. Track machine outages, maintenance costs and predict the future costs of ownership.

Maintenance checklists

Maintenance checklists

Attach checklists to periodic inspections. Standardized procedure walk-throughs, multiple choice questions, answers with pictures and manual meter readings.



Get organized with an easy access to detailed records of all your properties, their spaces, usage, floor plans, BIM visualizations and more.

Automations & integrations

Automations & integrations

Powerful automations for your workflows with just a few clicks – closing a request, calling a 3rd party service, evaluation when sensor values. We also support ERPs - including SAP, Abra Gen & Flexi!

Mobile application

Mobile application

Use our mobile-optimized app to add work requests, view asset manual, complete checklists and much more, wherever you are!

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